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Real Estate Photography Pricing


Pricing for MLS Listing are $.085 per square foot based on public record, up to 35 images (ie: 2000 sq ft home for $170) 50 total images available for an additional $35

Home Interior & Exterior Video Tour  as an Add-On  to an MLS shoot $90 or as a Stand-Alone for $125

DRONE Photography or Video as an Add-On to an MLS shoot $90 or as a Stand-Alone for $125

Laser Room Measurements $25

Outdoor Twilight Images $65 (up to 10 images)

Fees may apply for special items ie: sky replacements, removal of objects, etc.

Licensing for MLS photography applies to photos and/or video used in the sale and marketing of the listing property for the duration of the current listing and Agent.  All photos and/or video are the property of and copyright of Sunset Exposures. Photos and/or videos and licensing are not transferrable to future agents, homeowners or photographers for use on any future listings of the property unless expressly agreed to in writing by Sunset Exposures.

Product photography pricing varies depending on the product/need. Most are priced per image.Call for quote.