• 2022-05-02T11:42:07.618-07:00

    Time to get back out there!

     Well Covid really had an impact on everything business related. 

    Portrait work pretty much shut down. Real Estate Photography came to a screeching halt and Realtors began using the Cell Phones for photos ... Yikes!

    Things are beginning to get back to somewhat normal thankfully, but it's been slow going.

    It's been nice to get out and do some Real Estate gigs again. Now I have to work it all back up again ... It's like starting from scratch.

    I've even been out to a few Classic Car Shows (just for fun) to get my mind clear. It's fun to walk around the lot and capture some Pride from the owners of the Classics.

    Hopefully I can get back on track making entries in the Blog and keep it up to date.

    Until next time ...

    Check out the website at www.sunsetexposures.net

  • 2020-08-03T12:59:57.206-07:00

    New IG Account for Action Sports
    I recently decided to start up a new IG account dedicated to Action Sports,
    like Skateboarding, BMX riding & jumping, Parkour, Motocross and the like.
    Well ... anything in motion basically.

    Please check it out @SunsetExposures_in_Motion

    Also new on this IG account is "Video" ... yes I've started shooting video, and I love it!

    This picture was shot at Roger Williams Park at the jump track. We shot a Sunset Session on a  very hot and steamy day, but all in all got some great photos.

    Have to say I've met some great people doing this type of  photography.

    So you're probably wondering ... WHY?  ... Honest it was because of the pandemic. I haven't really been able to get out and do the type of photography that I've been doing for the last 2 years, which of course was Portraits.

    Sure I've had a few Real Estate shoots here and there, but the "social distancing" thing is really putting a strain on the business side. When I started looking more into this and found some groups that loved performing it came pretty easy. I don't have to be in close contact with anyone, heck in most cases I"m about 40 to 50 feet away from anyone. But it also brought back some FUN that has been missing since ... well about March!

    So please, check out the gallery of images on the website https://www.sunsetexposures.net/Skate-Park-Parkour-BMX-Park/ and if you want to check out some of the videos visit the new IG @SunsetExposures_in_Motion and give it a "FOLLOW" ... bring your friends too.

    I'll be adding new content on a regular basis. If you have an event that you'd like to have photographed or  get some video of, please contact me for pricing and availability. 

  • 2020-08-03T13:01:54.234-07:00

    Out for an afternoon of BMX shooting ...
    Caught up with a friend of my son's yesterday for a quick afternoon of shooting BMX.

    Wanted to practice up on my "action" photography. Turns out I had an awesome time!
    In less than 2 hours I had shot 252 frames. The guys were stoked that they had someone out there in the heat taking shots of them hitting the jumps.

    It was the end of a long day for most of the guys, but they still managed to get some air for the pictures!

    Luckily no wipe outs and everyone had a good time. I hope they all like the results. I'll definitely be back to do it again. I know there were a couple of them that didn't do much riding, so hopefully I can catch them next time.

    Check out the new gallery on the website https://www.sunsetexposures.net/Skate-Park-Parkour-BMX-Park/  Be sure to check out the FaceBook page as well facebook.com/sunsetexposure
    and of course Instagram @sunsetexposures

    Since things are opening back up slowly after all the Coronavirus fiasco I'll be getting back out there shooting again soon and adding to the galleries. I'm currently looking for skate parks, Motocross, and street bike riders to shoot. Lots of things rolling around in my mind!
  • 2020-01-23T14:38:06.230-08:00

    Testing out my new lens ...

    I took a break today and decided I'd put the Tamron 24-70 G2 to a little test.

    It was our Anniversary on the 16th, so I figured I'd take some pictures of the flowers that were still on the kitchen island.

    I didn't want to just snap some shots where they were, so I set up a couple of backgrounds to make it official so to speak.

    I used a Speedlight on the hot shoe just to bounce off the ceiling a bit. Settings were f/3.5, ISO 100 and a shutter around 160 on the black background. Focus was sharp, and fast.

    Next shot was on the white background, my settings were f/2.8, ISO 320 and shutter at about 400. Again I bounced the light off the ceiling and it turned out pretty well.

    I really didn't feel like setting up the soft boxes on each side, but I'd say with just one light on the hot shoe it did the trick. After all I was just doing a quick test on a new lens.

    The Tamron 24-70 G2 will get a full workout this weekend as I'll be attending another Photographer Meetup at @retinacreativelab in Riverside RI.

    As always check things out on Instagram @sunsetexposures
    or FaceBook www.facebook.com/sunsetexposure
    and of course the website www.sunsetexposures.net

  • 2020-01-23T14:38:16.757-08:00

    A fun shoot for Zenottic Eyewear

    This was a fun shoot for me. An opportunity to shoot some product with Maddy Travisono at Roger Williams Park for Zenottic Eyewear back on January 6th, 2020.  It was a bit cold, but sunny ... and what better time to take shots of Sunglasses!


    They were nice enough to let her choose from a series of styles, and of course she gets to keep them. I think she chose the best style. They looked great! Very classy!

    This shot was taken at the Temple of Music on the marble steps. There wasn't much of a background since it was in the midst of winter,, so by keeping her low on the steps I was able to take out the bare trees behind her.

    We moved on to the Reading Glasses that she chose. These shots were taken at the Japanese Garden and more near the Lover's Bridge.


    All in all it was a great experience for both of us. You can see other shots on Zenottic's Instagram page by following them at @Zenottic_US and of course follow me on Instagram at @sunsetexposures of FaceBook at www.facebook.com/sunsetexposure

    These are affordable and stylish eyeglasses for sure!

    Check out more of Maddy on my website in the gallery section as well

  • 2019-05-07T08:27:19.647-07:00

    Styled Wedding Shoot at Blithewold
    I've never focused on Wedding Photography, actually never really had any interest in it in the past.

    That has been changing over the last few months. I'm actually considering doing Second Shooter. I saw an ad posted on FaceBook for a "Styled Wedding Shoot" at the Blithewold Mansion in Bristol RI. Not knowing what that would be like in the slightest, I decided, "what the heck".

    Well ... let me tell you ... this was SO much fun! We had just the two models. BJ Gruber was the groom and Jolee Knott was the bride. It was rainy, but we managed to get some fantastic outdoor shots anyways. The mansion itself was amazing. Walking through the front door was like going back in time. There was a Billiards Room, Piano Room, a gorgeous entrance room and a large patio that overlooked the bay. The second floor had a huge Master Bedroom along with several other large bedrooms, all overlooking the bay as well.

    The third floor of the mansion was for the servants with secret hallways. It was such an amazing place to visit, let along shoot a wedding at!

    Anyways, the shoot lasted just over two hours, and I think I shot almost 900 frames.

    After returning home and uploading everything onto the computer and getting down to editing, I was really starting to see myself moving into this genre. Still not as the main photographer, but as a Second Shooter. I'm at the age now where I don't need the headaches of the contracts, the albums, the CD's, etc., but as the Second Shooter, where I can go and photograph all day, edit my images (if needed) and be done with it ... on to the next one.

    I think very soon I'll be adding this to my arsenal of services. Who knows ... I may change my mind about being more of the main photographer down the road, but I'd be happy with being able to shoot all day and get paid for it, and let the one in charge handle the bigger things.

    I enjoyed this shoot SO much I'm really looking forward to the next one in July!

    Please check out the Gallery named "Blithewold Mansion" on the site! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Here's the link to the page https://www.sunsetexposures.net/Blithewold-Mansion-/
  • 2019-03-15T17:32:44.489-07:00

    Self Portrait Project

    Ok, so the project was "Self Portraits" for a FaceBook page I'm on. Oh how I hate self portraits! That being said, I set up the backdrops, the tripod, the lights, the softbox, the remote trigger, and all the other goodies. Then I took 108 frames ...

    You'd think I could come up with a few good ones out of that many ... 10 ... that's right 10!

    Now I know how my subjects feel. I'm the photographer and I know where I'm supposed to be looking, and even I can't pose right.

    Well anyways, I needed 3 different shots for the FaceBook group page, and well I needed one for my "About Me" page on my website, so in the end I guess I got it covered.

    Hopefully I won't have to do that again for a while!

    The good news is, I'll be attending another photographer meetup at #RetinaCreativeLab in Riverside again on the 31st of March.Should be a fun time, it always is.Hopefully we'll have some new models to shoot with like we did on the last one.

    I am passing up the "Theme Shoot" this month which is a "Cult" style shoot. Between the Dystopian High Fashion and the Bloody Valentine over the last 2 months, I'm filling my galleries enough with that style. I need something new, like maybe an old time "40's or 50's" shoot. Kind of a "Back in Time" type of shoot.

    Another thing I'm trying to add a gallery for is "Senior Portraits", so if anyone has a son or daughter that is graduating soon, I'd love to do some shots and get them online! Spring is coming up quick and the colors will be spectacular for backgrounds and scenery! Contact me and I'll fill you in on the details!

    If you are a model or actor/actress and need headshots for yourself or for a role, let me know ... I'd love to work with you!

    Check out the FaceBook page if you get a chance. I'll be running ads throughout the Spring so keep an eye out for special offers! Of course I'll post those here on the site as well.

    Look me up on Instagram too @sunsetexposures there's always something new there!
  • 2019-02-15T12:09:21.466-08:00

    Yesterday was too nice to pass up ...

    I took a ride to the campground in Carver in the morning to check on our trailer that we keep there all season. We haven't had a lot of snow or wind this winter so I wasn't really expecting to find anything out of the ordinary. Turns out everything was fine. I grabbed a few photos of our trailer and some of our great neighbors' trailers too so I could text them and let them know everything was good. And off I went ...

    I had my equipment with me so i decided I'd come home by way of 195 and stop in Fairhaven and take a look at Fort Phoenix on the water. Not much to it, but it's a nice little park to visit. It was right at noon so the sun was kind of harsh, but I took some shots anyways.

    From where Fort Phoenix is you can see across the water to New Bedford, and it's right at the Hurricane Barrier so I was able to catch one boat coming through on its way out to the ocean. Gotta be cold out on the water out there this time of year. It was cold enough for me standing along the shoreline just taking pictures. I can't imagine being on a boat out there in the winter!

    So since I was apparently on a water theme for the day, I made my next stop on a whim at Horseneck Beach. Turns out it was more interesting just getting to the beach, than the actual beach itself. I loved
    the Pergola and the walkways that lead you out to the dunes.

    When you're on the water at Horseneck you don't really have a view of much except the Point of Westport, but it's still a nice view either way.

    I was surprised at how many people were actually out there walking the dunes. I was hoping on my way down there that I would find some of the elusive Snowy Owls in the marshy areas, but I didn't have that much luck.

    That's one area of photography where I want to start focusing ... wildlife ... I'm not talking about Rhinos on a safari wildlife ... but the birds, coyotes, foxes ... the natural wildlife we would see in our own areas.

    After walking on the beach for a while I decided I'd get back to the truck and warm up. The wind was whipping across the beach. From there I got back on the highway heading for home, but I decided to make one more stop ... yes more water ... in Fall River at Battleship Cove.

    I made a stop at Heritage Park and grabbed a few shot of the Braga Bridge and of course the USS Massachusetts docked there. I was running short on time so I was only able to grab a few and then on my way home.

    So that wrapped up my day in a nutshell. I have to focus on my main area, which is portraits, so if you are looking to have family portraits, or individual or senior portraits, give me a call and we'll set up a session. I love doing shoots on location and I've found that Roger Williams Park or Lincoln Woods offer a lot of great areas for interesting portrait work.

    You can check out some of the Headshots and portraits in the galleries on this site, and as always you can check it out on FaceBook or Instagram.

    See you soon!
  • 2019-02-15T11:41:13.879-08:00

    Bloody Valentine was a BLAST!

    I had a great time at the Blood Valentine shoot at #Retina Creative Lab in Riverside, RI over the weekend! Makeup artists @JordanPacheco_ , @Skippy013 and @mua_Celestial did an outstanding job with the gore.

    Models were @itsyourgirlrose , @tori.lynne2818 , @realbrianalyn , Lily Spencer, @stoneheart_productions_401 , @dangerdonk3y and @tieloreheff ... and they were spectacular!
    You can see them all in the Gallery named Bloody Valentine on this website.

    They really got into character, eating hearts, cutting throats, and your basic beheadings and sledge bashing faces ... you know ... the regular stuff. We've gotten some great response on Instagram with the pictures we posted. I keep adding more here and there. All total I shot over 2300 frames on this shoot in a 4 hour period.

    It was definitely worth my time to go and check it out. It definitely adds to my portfolio, even though I probably wouldn't get much call for that type of photography in the real world, but at least it shows what can be done.

    They haven't decided what the theme for the next month's shoot will be yet. It's either going to be a Cult theme or Spoils of War theme. They're voting on FaceBook now to make a decision. Whatever wins I'm sure will be great.

    I might have to pass on next month's shoot, I've got a lot of things coming up in March and April, but I still have a photographer meetup coming up next weekend on the 24th. Those are always fun, and more traditional events with the models and lighting stations.

    Remember, you can see the entire Gallery on the website.. Just click on "All Galleries" and look for "Bloody Valentine" ... but hey ... while you're here check out the other galleries as well and like us on FaceBook too!  You can either click the FB icon or go direct here at FaceBook.  Be sure to check things out on Instagram too!
  • 2019-02-08T16:18:49.232-08:00

    Exciting weekend coming up!

    This is our "Bloody Valentine" weekend. It should be awesome. Should have about 6 models, 2 or 3 hair and makeup artists, and around 6 or 7 photographers. It's headed up by @JordanPacheco who did a fantastic job on our last shoot ... Dystopian High Fashion.

    I go to these events because I get to meet a lot of the models, other photographers, videographers, makeup people and others. It's a great way to network, and let me tell you, I've met some great people. But I go also to broaden my portfolio, throw some new things into the mix, and keep up on new trends.

    Here's a couple shots from the last event, the Dystopian High Fashion. We shot for 4 hours with the models. I ended up leaving that night with over 2300 frames. Now I don't intend to edit every one of them, but out of that many I'll probably end up with 200 first round pics ... my favorites. The the second week or so I go through them again and pick out my second favs. For that round I'll probably end up with another 150 to 225 shots. Edits, throw them into a collage or blur app and get them up on Instagram ... then on to the next shoot!

    I like keeping things small and portable, but sometimes I think I'd like to have the studio to work from. Permanent continuous lighting, not strobes, smoke boxes, ring lights. I've got a lot of the equipment that I can take with me if I needed to, but seriously it's a lot to carry around if you're not going to use it all the time. There's no sense in me keeping 8 backdrops in the back of my truck if I'm not going to set them up. And why take my studio strobes with me if I'm going to use speed lights.

    I don't know ... down the road maybe. It would be great to share a studio space with a couple other photographers to cut down on cost and share the gear, but for now being portable is more efficient for me.

    Ok, so enough of that ... stay tuned ... by Monday I should have some new edits from the weekend up online on Instagram and probably begin making a gallery on my site. Be sure and check it out!

    Remember, you can find me on FaceBook and Instagram by clicking the links!

    Cya Soon!